Mega Bloks Dragons Universe Eagle


After reading reading a few reviews of the Mega Bloks Dragons Universe sets, I decided that there wasn’t much in them for me, as they focused on the toy aspect of a building toy. However, the figures were too good to pass up, so I bought one of the small sets. How did it fare? Did it change my opinion of the line?

Mega Bloks
Dragons Universe
95231 Eagle
30 pieces
$5.00 USD
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Original Post: Nov 22nd, 2010

Let’s start with the packaging:

The packaging has a plastic “egg” poking out of the box, which holds about 1/3 of the parts. The only other notable thing about the packaging is the picture of the set, which reminds me of the older Transformers box art. The back advertises the rest of the sets in the price range. I should also point out that the bags are the same color as the top of the egg- a nice touch.


As I mentioned earlier, the figure was the primary reason I purchased the set, and he does not disappoint! He comes with a gun and shield, each of which can attach to his back. (Not at the same time, though.) Also, while he lacks the paint that the HALO SPARTANs have, he has emblems on his shoulders. His shield also has printing. I should also point out that his gun is composed of two parts: the barrel and the body- it looks quite nice. (Oh, and he comes separated, unlike most Mega Bloks figures.)


His trusty steed is a different matter, however. While it looks great and the plastic quality is good, the body of the bike is composed of a single part. Really, MB? I thought you left this kind of stuff behind with the HALO line! Plus, how can humanity be at war with the dragons for the power cores… If the cores DON’T COME OUT? I suppose this is what people are talking about when they talk about “meaningless wars.”

“Onward, trusty steed! There are space-damsels in space-distress!”

To be honest, I enjoyed the set. Is it a marvel of building techniques or a good parts pack? Neither, really. However, the figure makes up for the non-build, an I’m actually considering buying another set from the line.